Business hub

4,000 square feet of customized working space

Co-working and incubation space at our Beckley location includes nearly 4,000 square feet of customized working space for businesses and is available at minimal cost.  

The Business Hub was designed to be a place to encourage innovative business ideas and solutions for our region and provides a number of solutions for entrepreneurs and businesses including coworking space, incubation space, meeting rooms, and an executive level suite.  These spaces, along with shared use space, supports the mission of the WV Hive to move business development forward in southern WV. 

Separated offices, makerspaces, and meeting rooms provide privacy but are integrated within the Business Hub to feel connected to the rest of the space.  Communal spaces attract workers to each other and to their independent projects. Shared administrative services and networking opportunities provide members of the Business Hub additional support in their success.  

For more information and pricing call 304-460-HIVE (4483) or email us today.

Benefits to Users

  • Value: Inexpensive workspace only when needed (Flex desk or incubation) that offers members an opportunity to find quality connections within the workspace, enhancing the sense of community in entrepreneurs.  
  • Community: Entrepreneurs in southern WV can often feel alone and unsupported. This space allows organic connection through networking with like-minded professionals, which increases productivity.
  • Programs and Activities:  The Hive offers relevant programming and networking opportunities to members and the wider community.  
  • Amenities: The Business Hub provides access to the things workers need, when they need them; infrastructure and amenities like internet, receptionist services, meeting spaces, kitchenette, lounge, printer/copier, and other hardware and software.
  • Network:  Plugging into the business hub plugs workers and entrepreneurs into the WV Hive Network, where networking, mentoring, and business opportunities are top priorities. 
  • Atmosphere:  The character of the building is light for an energetic buzz of activity, but with areas for quiet focus.  The design of the business hub has been developed with busy professionals in mind.