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Our mission at the WV Hive is to connect entrepreneurs with the resources and expertise they need to grow successful companies right here in the Mountain State.

A program of the New River Gorge Regional Development Authority

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The WV Hive is leading a regional initiative to improve customer service among frontline businesses, which will kick off March 25-26 with a customized and personalized training workshop at the Tamarack Conference Center.

For questions, contact Hannah Morgan at hmorgan@nrgrda.org or (304) 460-4483 Ext. 114.

WV Hive is a partner in the Community + Business Resilience Initiative (CBRI), a collaboration focused on creating conditions for workforce, business, and industry growth in the 21-county ACT Now region through community coaching and planning, site development, and business development services.
The WVU Tech Launch Lab is a resource center for students and the WVU Tech Community to help launch new businesses, products and prototypes. It is a collaboration with the WV Hive.
Communities of Healing is a recovery-to-work ecosystem project designed to spur small business development and employ West Virginians healing from addiction through the growth of social entrepreneurship.
WV Hive is a partner in The WV Community Development Hub’s HubCAP initiative, a community-led economic development program that supports community teams in designing and implementing community revitalization projects over a multi-year period.

Hive Accelerator Project

The Hive Accelerator Project stimulates organizational growth and advances development to attract new businesses, recruit new investment, and directly support businesses and entrepreneurs.
PATTERN represents a collaborative, regional approach to accelerating the outdoor and manufacturing industry within the New River Gorge, leveraging West Virginia’s knowledge of outdoor recreation, heritage, and craftmanship to create manufacturing opportunities. PATTERN is an NRGRDA Initiative.
Business Advising
One-on-one advising to teach clients how to take an idea to market, build a business from the ground up, or throttle an existing business to successfully capture more of your target market.
Business Advising
Throughout the year, we host training opportunities that will create human connections and build trust using the CO.STARTERS philosophy.
Business Resources
Find a comprehensive list of state and local resources available to assist you in answering questions related to starting a business!
Business Resources

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What our clients are saying

Working with the Hive has been a pleasant experience. Our regional business advisor is always there to answer any questions we have and help us navigate through growing our small business.
The assistance from the WV Hive has been a big part of what has taken Pinheads from a ‘pipe dream’ to a sustainable business. For the past (four) years, WV Hive has been a trusted partner that I can lean on for training and mentorship to help me learn how to expand my customer base and plan future growth. Their help with marketing, business planning, and identifying sources and uses of capital breaks down the complicated world of business management into workable areas where we can measure and plan. The help of the Hive gives me confidence and the knowledge base I need to continue to move forward. I am eternally grateful.
WV Hive has been invaluable in assisting our company with identifying our client segment, diversifying our streams of revenue, and assisting us with public relations and marketing resources. Our business advisor is knowledgeable, dependable, and resourceful. Working with the Hive has been nothing short of amazing.
The help I received was truly a game changer for my business. It helped me focus on my goals and figure out the steps necessary to obtain them.
The Hive was very helpful in the process of taking an idea to a new business startup. My business advisor was so much more than just an encourager, she was an excellent sounding board. She provided valuable insights and honest examinations of my ideas. Their technical assistance was priceless to my small startup. I would recommend anyone thinking about starting or growing a business within their service are to give them a call.
Thanks to the help from the WV Hive, my bookkeeping and taxes are a breeze.
The folks at WV Hive were so integral to the start up of The Local Café & Grocer. They linked us with important resources and helped us navigate those early bumps in the road. Having support on the front end from people who understand the challenges facing entrepreneurs has made all the difference and will, no doubt, positively impact the long-term success of many new businesses across the state.
The Local Cafe & Grocer
Ruthana and WV Hive were instrumental in helping us get our business started. Thanks to the assistance offered by WV Hive, we were able to form a locally owned business that is able to provide professional environmental consulting careers in southern WV. Greenbrier Environmental Group, Inc. exists thanks to the guidance and support provided by WV Hive.
Our business advisor offered advice about how to raise the profile of the center to earn the income needed to support free or low cost educational programs for local youth. WV Hive helped our young organization achieve a cohesive look for our marketing materials, support the creation of two promotional videos and help us better use social media.
CO.STARTERS [sponsored by WV Hive] facilitator, Ruthana Beezley, and professional mentor, Peni Adams, created an atmosphere of encouragement, support and guidance which helped focus my entrepreneurial vision, passion and spirit.
The digital marketing support from the Hive helped us to launch our business forward and we were able to reach so many more customers with their help and are forever grateful.
My business advisor helped me to translate my vision into concrete realities and assisted me in troubleshooting so that I could focus my energies. Her encouragement and resources definitely helped offset my own inexperience and doubt– two things that plague new business owners. In order to be successful, I had to believe in myself and my vision so that I could ‘sell’ it to others.

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