WV Hive in Partnership with Communities of Healing

Communities of Healing is a recovery-to-work ecosystem project designed to spur small business development and employ West Virginians healing from addiction through the growth of social entrepreneurship.


Imagine working together for the greater good so your local community can thrive.


Learn how your business can participate with our partners’ resources.


Design or reshape a business model that serves people and creates profits in the food, agriculture, hospitality, and tourism industries.


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Communities of Healing Testimonials

Like all West Virginians our lives have been touched by the drug epidemic. Over the past two decades, we have watched numerous friends lose their struggle with addiction. We believe that we must deal with recovery in a holistic way that is founded in providing real opportunities for success that support life-long recovery and reduce the potential of relapse. Having a job in a supportive drug-free environment or an outlet to exhibit and sell your own products as a livelihood are both real incentives to maintaining a life in recovery. We are excited to see how we can use the Communities of Healing program to strengthen our business and our community

Adam Hodges, MuttChops Owner

Recovery-safe workplaces are something that are critical for someone in recovery trying to rebuild their life and support their family. We want to offer that support system as well as offer encouragement through the recovery process. We want to help build this recovery safe community so that WV residents that are struggling with addiction can receive the help and support that they need! We are passionate about doing this because our family is one of the thousands of families in WV that have been affected by addiction and we are anxious to be apart of the solution to our states addiction problem

Samantha Phillips, Sage and Lila Company

Appalachian Furnishings appreciates the opportunity to participate in the cohort because effective change requires more than good intentions or a good heart. It requires planning, understand and execution

Chris Adams, Appalachian Furnishings

Project Partners


Nationally Certified Culinary Arts & Agricultural Educational Training Center for youth/young adults as an addiction prevention program and adults in recovery from addiction.


Sustaining holistic recovery through housing, transportation, and education.


Providing technical assistance to Fayette, Greenbrier, Nicholas, Pocahontas and Webster Counties.


Providing value-added workforce development and training services to best meet the needs of business and industry.


Self-paced courses, live learning cohorts, and one-on-one coaching.